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The strength of the brand  Trustworthy 4The big advantage

The company10Years of forge ahead,Create high quality products in quality

The company was founded in2010Years,Combined with years of experience and Suggestions of the masses of users、Continuous improvement、Improvement,

Development to continuously adapt to market demand,Make every effort to the new trend of the industry。


The standardization of products produced,Ensure that the product use

The company has all kinds of professional research and development design personnel30People,And to cooperate with more companies,In terms of product research and development。

Product design and production standardization,Adapt to various specifications,Durable and equipment,Maintenance is convenient。


TailorThe product is complete

Product sales throughout the east China area,Zhejiang、JiangsuAnd other regions

Company main products are:The main products areC5(Carbon five)Petroleum resin、

C9(Carbon nine)Petroleum resin, etc. Series of products, etc。And have a professional testing center

Can be ensuredRequirements of different industriesThe user,Provide high quality products。


All the close service,After all

The company advanced management mode,From the pre-sale,Sale to after-sale,The personnel of the service tracking

Service,From the equipment production source to the equipmentOne-stop service。Product after-sales

In the process of use,If you have any question all can dial telephone counseling service,48Hours,

Will someone track maintenance。

Hengfeng petrochemical you are welcome to inquire: 0393-8936800
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    Puyang city hengfeng petrochemical co., LTD. Is located in puyang city of henan province,The main products areC5(Carbon five)Petroleum resin、C9(Carbon nine)Petroleum resin、The modificationC5Petroleum resin、C5/C9Copolymerization petroleum resin and other series products;Applications of hot melt traffic paint products(Road signs coatings)SpecialC5Petroleum resin, Special oscillation coatingsC5Petroleum resin, Traffic sign paint、A dedicated road marking paintC5Petroleum resin, Special hot melt adhesiveC5Petroleum resin,Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive、Special solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesiveC5Petroleum resin, Ink is special high softening pointC5Petroleum resin, ...

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