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Shandong liaocheng embellish hao steel tube co., LTD

The company address is located in shandong province,Shandong liaocheng development zone huitong international metal logistics park,In2010Years05Month12Day was registered,In the company's development9In the year,We always provide customers with perfect service support,Company is mainly engaged in20Seamless steel pipe, etc,My company is liaocheng steel tube industry well-known enterprises,If you are interested in our company,Look forward to your online message or to inquire

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Guangdong20Seamless steel pipe cutting factory_3087What are large diameter seamless steel tube(Telephone counseling),Update time:2019-01-05

Guangdong20Seamless steel pipe cutting factory_3087What are large diameter seamless steel tube(Telephone counseling)

                                                    Purchase seamless tube need to be aware of some things    A、As far as possible to the large-scale steel production enterprise distribution department or store to buy,The sales department of reinforced by the production enterprise for straight,Steel quality is guaranteed;    2、To see the presence of steel production enterprises issued by the production license administration is applicable to the product quality certificate and certificate number;    3、Depends on surface quality of steel bars and logo。Reinforcement should be on the surface rolling brand logo、Factory name(Or trademarks)And diameter;    Four、Pay attention to watch,The surface of the steel are not allowed to have a crack、Scarring and folding defects, etc,If you choose the above problems in the steel,Please pay attention to。  

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